About Kids on the Ball

Kids on the Ball, founded by Jake Agna in 2000, is a nationally acclaimed tennis program based in Burlington, Vermont. Over the past decades, thousands of area youth have participated in the various programs learning life skills and lessons disguised as tennis.

About Jake Agna

Jake Agna is founder of the Kids on the Ball, an award-winning tennis and mentoring program in Burlington, Vermont. After years of helping thousands of under-served, at-risk youth through Kids on the Ball, Agna is committed spreading tennis to children throughout Vermont and the country.

KOTB Programming

KOTB works because our simple reward-oriented games allow all participants to enjoy success. Our instruction is less about grips and strokes and more about the life lessons to be learned from tennis and each other. The goal is for kids to have so much fun they can't wait to come back, day after day, giving us the opportunity to form relationships. Our integration of the National PE Standards into tennis provides the perfect fit for in-school tennis.

We Can't Do it Without Help

As a non-profit, Kids on the Ball, Inc. seeks continued financial support to broaden its reach to positively affect greater numbers of youth. We are very grateful for all of the generous gifts to date. To donate to the organization click here. Please note any donation is tax-deductible as Kids on the Ball is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization.

One Ball at a Time

“We’re changing lives...one ball at a time. Bringing kids together to learn from each other and support each other is my passion. I’m humbled by this opportunity and the incredible support we have received,” - Jake Agna

Kids on the Ball: In Action