Kids on the Ball: Cuba

National Tennis Center in Havana • Full Court Resurfacing • Nets • Fencing • Completed November 2016

Jake first went to Cuba in 2015 with his family on a tour and learn about tennis in Cuba. After assessing the tennis situation there, Jake came away with the idea that the best way to help the Cuban tennis community would be to raise money and rebuild the ten tennis courts at the National Tennis Center in Havana. After we successfully obtained a specific license needed to rebuild the courts, and a contract was awarded to Hinding Tennis to do the renovation work. Jake formed a non-profit, Kids on the Ball, Inc. and raised several hundred thousand dollars to see the project through to its successfull completion. This project was completed in November 2016. Click here for information on any upcoming tennis trips to Cuba.




Images from Cuba

Building not just courts but relationships

Jake Agna, Founder, Kids on the Ball

"These are great kids, with great hearts, pride in their community and love for each other. We have things to share, but also much to learn from them.”

Senator Patrick Leahy

“After 50 years of a failed policy, I am glad to see we are taking steps to not only change our official relations with the Cuban people but also to engage with each other culturally. Sports in particular have the power to bring people together and promote understanding, regardless of the differences that exist between governments. As Marcelle and I have seen on our visits to Cuba, we will find that, as people, we are not all that different. I am glad Vermonters -- and tennis -- will play a role in this process.”