History and Mission

Established in 2000 • Thousands of Kids

Jake Agna Kids on the Ball: CUBA
History: Kids on the Ball, founded in Burlington, Vermont by Jake Agna is an award-winning tennis and mentoring program. After years of helping thousands of under-served, at-risk youth through Kids on the Ball, Agna is committed to do the same in other cities.

Mission: Changing lives – one ball at a time.

Our goal is to play the next ball, literally and figuratively, while being constantly aware of the opportunity to teach much more than tennis. Daily time on a tennis court with youth provides us many teachable moments. The resulting relationships are the cornerstone of a happy, healthy and well-balanced life. Kids on the Ball is about relationships and respect. We’re teaching life lessons disguised as tennis.

To donate to the organization click here. Please note any donation is tax-deductible as Kids on the Ball is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization.

Kids on the Ball: Burlington in Action